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The White Crane Soft Art

The White Crane Soft Art

Shuang Yang Pei Ho Rou Rouan Chien – The Sun Frost White Crane Soft and Gentle Art

Most commonly referred to as the ‘Shuang Yang’, this is the soft style White Crane art. Similar to Tai Chi in appearance, the Shuang Yang trains your body to be elastic and supple, yet strong and grounded. It also teaches the practitioner to focus on relaxation and use correct breath work. A meditation in motion.

Although mostly used for its health benefits, the Shuang Yang is also a deadly martial art system. With a full array of techniques teaching sweeps, Chin Na joint locks and striking vulnerable areas. The Shaung Yang uses a low stance called the bow and arrow stance which generates its power from the hips. And stretches the bodies tendons to become elastic.

Nam Yang Brighton offer regular classes in Shuang Yang and Chi Gong at our full time training centre. We also teach regular classes and workshops to businesses, schools and community groups looking for relaxation, mindfulness and light exercise.

“The White Crane Soft Art was taught to me by my Master Ang Lian Huat, who learnt this form of art from his Master Miao Sian Meng, from the Chuan Chew Shaolin Temple. Literally translated the name should be ‘Frost and Sun White Crane Soft and Gentle art’, I will refer to this as the Shuang Yang White Crane Soft Art.

The words ‘Rou Ruan’ mean ‘supple, smooth, gentle, flexible and soft’, which is the best way to describe this art. The ‘Shuang Yang White Crane Art’ enables a person to build a sound and healthy body, which is able to prevent illness.

The training of the ‘Shuang Yang White Crane Art’ involves the familiarization of sixty-six moves. Once the student is familiar with the moves, breathing should be incorporated and later the practice of concentration of guiding the Qi to flow with the body and limbs. The movements and steps should be performed in a supple, smooth, gentle, flexible and soft a way as possible.

Diligent and regular practice play an important part in the specialization of the art. The supervision of the Master or instructor is important in the early stages of learning, which is about three years of regular training practice. Once the student is conversant in the application of Qi and the modes, he would advance to a stage of self-realisation though furthering the art.

The ultimate aim of the art is to develop a strong and healthy body that is (literally translated) ‘soft and supple as cotton wool externally and hard as steel internally’. That is, the outside should be very soft but inwardly it should be strong and viable.

In their quest for the ultimate, a student will discover and experience certain feelings stage by stage, like the flow of Qi to certain parts of his body and the feeling of warmness at the point of concentration. Apart from building a healthy body the Shuang Yang White Crane Art is a good form of self-defence. It can be practiced by everyone whether young or old, and regardless of sex.”

Sheila SY

Written by Master Tan Soh Tin