Nam Yang Brighton
Junior Kickboxing

Junior Kickboxing

Junior Kickboxing (7-12)

Our junior kickboxing classes are designed to give your child every chance to thrive in life by learning much needed life skills like confidence and respect as well as gaining physical fitness and a positive attitude towards hard work. We try our best to instil our community based values to our students  and encourage our students to compete to sharpen their skill set and develop their character.

Our classes involve a warm up, partner drills, pad and bag work and optional sparring for those who wish to do so. It finishes with stretching and breathing techniques.

Nam Yang Brighton has produced several junior national kickboxing champions over the years.

Junior Savate Kickboxing (7-12)

We offer classes in Savate Kickboxing, a combat sport and self-defence system from France.

Savate Boxe Francais as it is known, combines kicks and punches in rapid combinations. It is the only kickboxing style where it is compulsory to wear boots. Savate itself literally means ‘old boot’. It is often referred to as elegant combat as so much attention is on technical ability rather than brute force. And so is an ideal combat sport for juniors looking to compete without the worry of getting too hurt.

One of the main objectives of Savate is to touch and not be touched back so the classes involve a lot of movement and footwork drills for defence and attack.

Below is the Savate grading syllabus, which allows Savate to have a very structured approach to learning the skills and techniques that Savate has to offer.
Blue Glove. Striking: I touch without being touched
Green Glove. Blocking: I avoid being touched and touch in reply
Red Glove. Moving: I avoid being touched and reply on a different line
White Glove. Anticipating: I touch before I am touched
Yellow Glove. Feinting: I create an opportunity to touch
Silver Glove. Mastery: I have complete technical proficiency

Brighton Savate competition