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Shaolin Tiger Crane Kung Fu

Shaolin Tiger Crane Kung Fu

Shaolin Tiger-Crane Combination Kung Fu

Fast, accurate and deadly. The tiger crane combination is a classic southern Shaolin style which emphasizes intricate hand techniques thrown from a solid, stable stance.

Being close to the original Shaolin white crane, this style emphasizes the use of touch sensitivity to connect to an opponent and feel their movement and intention, countering them immediately when they initiate a move – before it can become dangerous. It also uses ‘springy’ power generated from the tendons rather than the muscle – the hallmark of genuine Shaolin kung fu. The Tiger-Crane combination is designed for close quarter fighting, so is a fabulous system for self-defence.

Within the Tiger-Crane system there is a series of freehand patterns that the student will learn, starting with 11 basic patterns. As well as 2 man sparring routines, several hard Chi Gong set’s, pushing and sticking hands, conditioning, stretching and free sparring.

The words Kung Fu can be translated roughly as ‘hard work, long time’ and that is exactly what it takes to master the art. You cannot master anything in a day. It takes years of dedicated training. Kung Fu is more of a way of life than just a self defence system. It’s a self improvement program. The principles and values taught in Kung Fu can be used to enhance your every day life and improve both the body and mind. In Master Tan Soh Tin’s word’s “To get good at Kung Fu you only need to do two things. Start and don’t give up”

Shaolin Weapons

Weapons have always featured strongly in Shaolin Kung Fu training and are one of the most popular parts of our syllabus – even in the modern era. At Nam Yang we teach the Shaolin weapon system taught to our Master Tan Soh Tin by his Master Ang Lian Huat. It comprises a vast array of different weapons routines and weapon sparring sets. There are over 30 different weapons used within the system and around 10 sparring routines. This includes long weapons, short weapons, double weapons and flexible weapons.

The weapons are a great way to learn to generate power through the whole body but also a fantastic workout! The heavier weapons are a wonderful strength and conditioning workout, whilst some of the lighter weapons offer a fantastic array of footwork and flexibility training. And the flexible weapons improve hand eye coordination no end. The weapons system starts with the simple staff(Kun) and then the single knife(Tan Tow) and goes on to more complex weapons. Once the basic weapons are mastered the student will then be choosen a weapon the instructor believes is suitable for that particular student.