Nam Yang Brighton


The sweet science. One of the oldest and most efficient combat sports around. The boxing world has always been blessed with a plethora of talented boxers and we hope to continue that trend. From Muhammed Ali and Rocky Marciano through to Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather and now with Anthony Joshua and Vasyl Lomachenko. Boxing is a fundamental element of most combat sports and a solid base to build on.

Our boxing class is designed to improve your hand speed, technical boxing ability and improve your hands for kickboxing. It is very much a technical boxing class, with a small amount of conditioning.

Shadow boxing, bag work, pad work, partner drills and technical sparring are the main areas of focus for the class. The idea is to help our competition team improve their hands and the lessons are great fun too!

Suitable for all abilities we welcome beginners and those looking to work on their existing boxing skills.