Our work in the community

Nam Yang Community Association is a 20 year old, inclusive, not for profit, community
based martial arts club based in the Lewes Rd area of Brighton. We have an explicit social
aim of fostering positive attitudes towards diversity by providing safe spaces for people of all
ages and backgrounds to maximize their mental and physical health.
We have around 150 members, half of which are children and young people (our oldest
member is 67 and our youngest is 4). The club’s membership represents able bodied
people, people with physical and mental disabilities and at least 17 different ethnic
backgrounds, including several refugees and asylum seekers.

The majority of our members are on low incomes and many have caring responsibilities; both things we
specifically provide for. This includes a sliding fees scale, with people in particular financial
difficulty training for free when necessary and reduced rates for people that work in the NHS
and emergency services. We never turn anyone away based on finance. This makes us one
of the most affordable and inclusive sports clubs in Brighton. We also offer classes where you can bring your children along whilst you train. These classes are so important for parents with childcare responsibilities who otherwise would not be able to train.

Community Martial Arts Brighton

Our community outreach work
As well as classes at our full-time marital arts centre, we do additional community outreach
work, providing free demonstrations and workshops for schools and other community
groups, as well as work experience opportunities for local school children. We also do
focused work with potentially marginalized groups, including a particular focus on working
with people with physical and mental disabilities and refugees and asylum seekers. Some
examples of our community outreach are described below.
If you think we could work together with your organization, please get in touch via our
contact details below.

Our work with schools & community hubs

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the mental and
physical benefits that the martial arts (and associated meditation techniques) provide. In
response to the financial difficulties imposed on most state schools in Brighton, we offer free
workshops and demonstrations. We also open these services up to other community hubs.

And in 2018 we raised over £400 for Queens Park Primary School PTA through a sponsored sparring session where one of our instructors did 31x 2 minute rounds with no break in-between rounds and with a different opponent each round.

Martial Art and Meditation workshops for schools in Brighton

Examples of schools and community hubs we have worked with recently include:
 Queens Park Primary School
 Elm Grove Primary School
 Middle Street Primary School
 Royal Spa Nursery
 The Crew Club
 The Bevy Community Pub
 Brighton Table Tennis Club

For any schools looking for workshops in Martial Arts, Combat Sports, Fitness programs or Mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques, please contact us at: tigercranebrighton@googlemail.com


Our work with people with physical and mental disabilitiesMartial Arts for people with disabilities

The majority of our members with physical and mental disabilities train alongside the rest of our members. Whilst our aim is full integration and inclusiveness, we also do focused individual and group work to develop people’s confidence to participate in classes alongside other members. Our work also includes providing training to people with disabilities to help them participate in other sports and activities. For example, we help some of the disabled members of the Brighton Table Tennis Club with their fitness regimes and training.

Nam Yang Brighton has also been involved with several film projects with young people with disabilities. We have worked with the excellent LAE Productions on several movies. These include two award winning films at The Oska Bright international film festival which you can see below.


We also have the UK’s first disabled Savate Kick boxer. Jay Hearn, who recently won a silver medal at the GBSF National Championships, and has now competed in numerous Savate bouts including two National Championships.

If you have any questions regarding our community work or you would like us to attend a community event in the Brighton and Hove area then please do not hesitate to contact us at tigercranebrighton@googlemail.com


Our work with refugees and asylum seekers: Fostering a space for sanctuary

In line with the Clubs of Sanctuary movement and the local Sanctuary on Sea, we aim to:

  • Celebrate common humanity and contributions made by those who have come here for safety.
  • Tackle isolation, fear, and exclusion by creating a culture of welcome.
  • Give refugees and asylum seekers a place where they feel safe, welcomed, part of a community and where they can truly express themselves.
  • Use sport as a tool for social inclusion and to break down barriers

We currently have a number of refugees and asylum seekers training with us and we are working to expand the number of refugees and asylum seekers within our membership through participating in the Clubs of Sanctuary movement.

Get in touch via the contact details below if you would like us to work with you.

Contact: Sam (Co-Director and Chief Instructor) tigercranebrighton@googlemail.com or 07772 699146