Welcome to Nam Yang Brighton Community Association

Nam Yang Brighton Community Association is an inclusive, not for profit, community based martial arts club, encouraging each and every student to become physically and mentally healthier, happier and more confident as they develop their skill set. We are proud to be a diverse school with an explicit social aim; making a positive impact within our local community in Brighton for the last 19 years. We run sessions suitable for all ages and backgrounds, working with people with disabilities, refugees and local community groups. Many of our students and families are also on lower incomes - something we specifically provide for and encourage. Everyone and anyone is welcome. We teach classes in traditional Martial Arts (including mindfulness/meditation techniques) and Combat Sports. These include Tiger Crane Kung Fu, Kickboxing, San Da Kickboxing, Wrestling, Shaolin Weapons, Shuang Yang soft style and Chi Gong. Our classes are taught in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment and we offer a variety of classes for all ages at our full time centre in Brighton.
We have also teamed up with Brighton Savate, who offer classes in a French style of kickboxing. And Madhatters BJJ Brighton, who offer classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


T: 07772 699 147
E: tigercranebrighton.googlemail.com