Nam Yang Brighton are offering fantastic classes in traditional Chinese Lion and Dragon dance.


Chinese Lion Dance is a form of traditional dance in which the performer’s mimic a lion’s movement in a spectacular lion costume to bring good luck and fortune. It is traditionally seen at Chinese New Year and important occasion’s including business opening event’s, special celebrations and weddings. With beautiful bright and colourful costumes used, the two performers dance along to a live drum and percussion. The Lion Dance is also known for its rigorous workout for the performer’s. They have to be fit, strong and flexible to bring the Lion to life.

Nam Yang are one of the only clubs to teach the Hokkien Green Lion or Fighting Lion. It is famous as the Lion itself is attacked by warriors with various weapons. A brilliant live performance!


Dragon Dance is another form of dance found in traditional Chinese culture. Similar to the Lion Dance, it is mostly seen at festive celebrations. The Dragon is operated by nine performers, who all have a pole to create fluid, flexible movement for the Dragon to come alive. The Dragon follows a performer carrying a large colourful pearl.

The Pearl represents wisdom, spiritual development, prosperity and immortality. Long and serpent like, the Dragon Dance is a magnificent spectacle to watch and even more exciting to be part of.


Nam Yang have performed Lion and Dragon dance all over the world. Including performances for HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee, Chinese New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square, the grand opening of Heathrow Terminal 5 and live performances on various Television programs. We also perform for schools, business openings, weddings, parties, restaurants, Chinese New Year celebrations and community projects.

Nam Yang also entered two teams and won both National Lion Dance competitions in 2008 and 2009. One for the flying lion, where the performers are on 6-12 foot poles. The other for traditional Lion Dance.

We will be teaching a Lion and Dragon Dance once a week for all our members. Lion and Dragon dance are a fantastic cultural activity to get involved with. For instance, they are fantastic for workout’s, team building exercises, fun with the family and learning to perform in front of a crowd. If you are less keen on the dancing itself then there is still the musical element to be involved with. Drums, symbols and gong are used to help bring the creatures to life and deliver a fantastic performance for its audience.

Nam Yang Brighton offer both Lion and Dragon dance performances around the south east of the UK. If you would like to book us for an event please contact us at