Tea of the immortals

The herb Jiao Gu Lan is nicknamed Southern Ginseng. It is also known as Xian Ciao(immortality/miracle herb). At Nam Yang Brighton we supply high quality Jiao Gu Lan tea for all our students to drink during and after training.

Properties according to Chinese Medicine.

It’s referred to as southern ginseng because it’s properties are similar to ginseng as far as tonifying the chi, clearing the mind and mental pathways, and boosting the following organs:

  • Lung (good for your wei chi – defensive chi/immune system)
  • Kidney (good for your bones, growth, reproductive systems, bowels, knees and lower back – sometimes paralleled to our endocrine system)
  • Spleen (good for transforming the food we eat into energy that we can use, as well as transporting it around the body, as well as being chiefly responsible for the maintenance of our muscles

The main difference between ginseng and Jiao gu lan is as follows. Ginseng is warming in its nature and has a stronger action in tonifying the body, because of its strong, warming nature it should be taken only in moderation. Jiao gu lan is coling and is more delicate, thus making it much more suitable for regualr use.

Properties according to western medical science.

Biomedically, Jiao gu lan is great for

  • Reducing stress
  • Lowering LDL (low density lipoproteins) and raising HDL (high density lipoproteins) levels, therefore overall lowering cholestral
  • Improving fat metabolism
  • Boosting energy
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Sharpening mental function

This medicinal tea can be used as an adjunctive hypotensive agent (lowers blood pressure).

It is great for after training as it benefits the liver in sending sugar and carbohydrates to muscles for conversion to energy instead of into triglycerides (i.e fats)

Written by Robin Burby. Robin is a fully qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and runs a Nam Yang branch in Guilford. For more information regarding Robin’s Chinese Medicine Practice visit: www.thechinesemedicinesanctuary.co.uk

At Nam Yang Brighton we often share a pot of Jiao Gu Lan tea during our Chi Gong and Kung Fu sessions. When in season the club also sells medicinal teas and other delicious green, Oolong and Pu erh teas through Kung Fu Cha tea company.