Nam Yang is an inclusive, not for profit, community based martial arts club, encouraging each and every student to become physically and mentally healthier, happier and more confident as they develop their skill set. We are proud to be a diverse school with an explicit social aim; making a positive impact within our local community around Lewes Road and beyond for the last 20 years.

31073123_2084222521818373_6284086214077186048_nWe work with a wide range of people, with 140 active members, 60 of these being children, and with at least 16 different ethnic backgrounds represented in the club. We explicitly foster positive attitudes towards diversity through our work with, for example, people with physical disabilities, mental health issues, refugees and individuals and families on low incomes (something we specifically provide for and encourage) – we all train together; everyone and anyone is welcome.

We teach classes in traditional Martial Arts (including mindfulness/meditation techniques) and Combat Sports. These include Shuang Yang soft style Tai Chi, Chi Gong meditation, Tiger Crane Kung Fu, Kickboxing, San Da Kickboxing, Savate Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling and Shaolin Weapons. Our classes are taught in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment and we offer a variety of classes for all ages. We also make our space available to other clubs to use.

Martial Arts for Refugees