At Nam Yang Brighton we teach a variety of Kickboxing styles including K1, San Da and Savate.

We regularly send teams into competitions and have 3 national amateur champions on our roster of fighters.  We compete in most stand up competitions such as Muay Thai, K1, Kickboxing, San Da, Savate and Boxing. And we have sent teams abroad to compete and test ourselves against other nations.

San Da Kickboxing – Chinese Kickboxing

San Da Kickboxing is a combat sport derived from Chinese Kung Fu.

A great deal of fitness, technique and strength training is involved. It has similarities to Kickboxing and Muay Thai in that we use punch kick combinations, but in San Da Kickboxing you can use throws, sweeps and takedowns. This is a perfect stand up practice for those looking to get into Mixed Martial Arts.

San Da Kickboxing  is great for getting fit; learning a huge variety of techniques, running off excess energy, meeting great people and having fun.  It is also ideal for those looking to learn some self defense techniques and improve your confidence.

Nam Yang has consistently produced some of the countries top San Da fighters. Master Armstrong has coached the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) National San Da Squad. Our San Da Kickboxing team have won many National and World Titles both at light Contact and full contact.

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K1 Kickboxing

We offer classes in K1 style kickboxing. K1 uses punches, kicks and knees for techniques.

It differs from Muay Thai in that no elbow strikes are allowed and throwing knees from the clinch is forbidden. K1 started out as a Kickboxing organization and Martial Arts brand and has evolved into its own style of competition. Many of the worlds best kickboxers have competed in K1 rules.

A lot of high level kickboxers from other styles such as Muay Thai and Savate have entered into the ever growing K1 circuit. K1 has several large organisations world wide including Glory Kickboxing, Enfusion and K1 itself.

The UK has produced several of the worlds best K1 kickboxers over the years. And we are lucky enough to have one of the best as our head coach of kickboxing, Steve ‘The Kung Fu Kid’ Keen


Nam Yang Brighton’s kickboxing team compete regularly in various forms of combat sport including San Da, Muay Thai, K1 and Savate. In the last few years our kickboxing team have produced several national champions and tournament winners.

Most Kickboxing equipment is supplied except Mouth Guards, which are compulsory. Other equipment includes groin guard, leg guards, boxing gloves and optional body armour.