Junior Kickboxing (7-12)

At Nam Yang Brighton, the style of Kickboxing taught is San Da (Chinese Kickboxing).

San Da or San Shou as it is often called, comprises of punch, kick and throw techniques. It is a competition sport, but you do not have to compete in order to enjoy the classes. San Da is a fantastic way for your child to improve there fitness, coordination, flexibility, confidence and compassion. By working together as a team, the students learn to reach there true potential

The junior San Da class starts with a warm up including speed training, strength training and stretching. Then the students practice movement drills with a partner. After which they practice different combinations on the pads and bags. Then the class can practice light contact sparring, but again there is no pressure on the students to spar. The class is finished with tea and meditation. The class is 1 hour.


We offer classes in Savate Kickboxing, a combat sport and self-defence system from France.

Savate Boxe Francais as it is known combines kicks and punches in rapid combinations. It is the only kickboxing style where it is compulsory to wear boots. Savate itself literally means ‘old boot’. The Savateur can only kick with his feet as shins and knees are forbidden.

Brighton Savate have several junior kickboxers competing regularly including the UK Under 16 National Champion. The Savate grading system is perfectly designed for children as it follows a very logical format. Below is the grading system taken from the Great British Savate Federation website.

Each grading level has a theme by which the technical evaluation is guided.

Blue Glove. Striking: I touch without being touched
Green Glove. Blocking: I avoid being touched and touch in reply
Red Glove. Moving: I avoid being touched and reply on a different line
White Glove. Anticipating: I touch before I am touched
Yellow Glove. Feinting: I create an opportunity to touch
Silver Glove. Mastery: I have complete technical proficiency

Ted Victory Cambridge 2017