Our Grappling classes are taught by Isa Dominic Taylor, a former professional MMA fighter and seasoned grappler. These classes takeplace at our full time martial art centre in Brighton and take techniques from Wrestling, both Freestyle and Greco-Roman as well as Shuai Jiao(Chinese Wrestling), Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The classes are No Gi, so no special uniform is needed, and are excellent for both beginners looking at getting into something new or seasoned pro’s who want to train more before a competition and add a different angle to their game. Isa creates a great atmosphere to learn in as well as having an incredible knowledge of grappling from his days at London Shootfighters. For those who train San Da it will also add a fantastic array of take-downs and sweeps to your game. A fantastic new grappling class for the people of Brighton. Not to be missed!