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Brighton Savate Kickboxing

We at Nam Yang Brighton are delighted to offer the French Kickboxing style: ‘Savate Boxe Francais’. Known for it’s fantastic array of kicks and intricate footwork. Savate kickboxing is famous for being an elegant style of combat.

At Brighton Savate they offer Assaut (light contact) and Combat (full contact) training. Savate has a very logical grading system, which practioners can progress with at their own pace; making it a great sport for self development.

Using a vaste array of kicks and punches against an opponent, Savate will dramatically improve a student’s confidence, flexibility, precision, comradery and endurance. Savate is suitable for children and adults alike.

Brighton Savate was started at the beginning of 2017. It is a school under the Toronto Savate banner. Instructor Sam Byford-Winter spent 2 years training with Toronto Savate Chief Instructor and former French champion Gabriel Solignac.

Sam was awarded his White Glove rank by Gabriel in early 2016 and placed 2nd at the recent UK National Championships. The Brighton Savate team came home from the 2018 Savate Nationals with 3 Gold medals and 2 Silver medals. And that was at their first attempt at the Nationals. The Brighton Savate also travelled to France in March 2019 to compete at the La Rochelle Challenge Cup. No winners this time but two members of the team reached the quarter final and semi final stage respectively. Brighton Savate were the only team from outside France invited to compete at the competition.

Gabriel himself is a Silver Glove ranked master of BF Savate, with countless number of fights under his belt.Gabriel is a French champion in both Assaut and Combat and a European Kickboxing champion too.

Brighton Savate run classes for both adults and juniors in a friendly, welcoming environment. Whether you are a serious competitor or just looking to train recreationally then Brighton Savate is the place for you.  Please check the timetable for class times. Come down for a FREE TRIAL WEEK!

For more information on Savate please visit the Brighton Savate Facebook page or the GBSF website. Both links are found on our Affiliation and Links page.

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